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  • Over 15 years of experience in junk car removal

  • 24-hour service

  • Same day pickup

  • Cash on the spot

  • Taken whether it runs or not

  • Professional service

Do you have an old, broken down car blocking your driveway or occupying the space in your garage? Worry not! It's time to free some space on your driveway or garage.


Free up space for your new car and get rewarded for it. We will take your unused cars off your hands, no matter what condition it is in, and replace it with cash.

Get cash in your pocket today

Just because the vehicle is not worth anything to you anymore doesn't mean it's worthless.

Do you have an unused car taking up valuable space? Simply have the car title ready and call Holt's Towing in Franklin, TN and we'll take it away in no time and leave you with cash in hand.

Car removal has never been easier

Call us now and you'll be free from the vehicle fast


Convenient and Rewarding Junk Car Removal